Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Long time, no post.

Today I'm at home sick, YB's at work, and the dog and I are curled up on the couch together.

Work has been busy for the two of us, and money's been tight.  I'm beginning to understand that that's our new way of life.  Dave Ramsey will start to become one of our best friends!  As soon as we get some time, we'll be painting some spaces in the new house.  But, until then, I'll be a bargain hunting maven!! 

However, since I'm stuck in the house today, I've been doing some online "window" shopping...
I am LOVING this candelabra from Wisteria.
Also from Wisteria:

I really want this Chicken Note Holder for my office!

And, I stumbled across these glasses today.  But, a few years ago, I purchased some that are very similar for a dollar a piece at a local antique store.

Aren't they adorable?!

Also, I would like to give a HUGE shout out to Kelly at Much To Do With Nothing.  I can see that her blog will serve to be a great source of inspiration for me while decorating.

Here's my current problem:  YB doesn't like painting wood.  Well maintained, pretty wood, gets expensive.  You know this, I know this, YB does not.  Taking him thrifting with me probably wouldn't work (he doesn't think about furniture the same way I do).  I should also mention that I would be more than willing to do all of this work since our new house has an ART STUDIO!!  Well, technically I'm sure it's original purpose was as a storage room, but I'm the new queen of the castle!!  Since YB's an engineer, and he's excited to be able to build things, we'll be building a work bench for my studio.  Plus, there's plenty of room for me to set up an easel. 

In other news,  the pot roast I made last night was a resounding success.  I can't decided if it should, more accurately, be called a stew vs. a pot roast.  
1. You take a big hunk of roast, dredge it in seasoned flour.
2. Sear it off (fat side first) in some olive oil in a large pot.  Once all sides have been seared and have a nice crust...
3.  Heartily slice 2 onions and put them in the bottom of the pot with the leftover olive oil 
4.  Dump 2 (16 oz) cans of diced tomatoes (any variety you like)
5.  Chop 4 carrots and 2 sweet potatoes & toss in pot
6. Add water/beef stock until roast is completely covered. 
7.  Simmer for at least 4-5 hours on med low.

With all of the above veggie chopping, you should be able to get out all of your day's aggressions.  So, at this point, kick back on the couch with a great glass of wine :)

It is now time for some Hot and Sour of my quick-sick-fixes!!
Adios, y'all!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Home is where the heart is...

and, where all of your money goes...

Before I get started, I did have a reader ask me if I knew I had misspelled my blog name.  It, in fact, was intentional.  You see, I have an obsession with dessert.  No, really.  Especially chocolate AND Eclairs.  :) Get it?  An old roomie of mine used to call me her food therapist.  That's how much food means to me.  Life without dessert seems like it would be no life for me.  It is always time for pastries, it's always o.k. if dessert comes first in a meal, and I agree with Paula Dean that mint on a dessert plate should count as a vegetable.

OK, so I promised pictures of the house.  We are still in the process of painting and decorating.  But, I finally found my camera cord, so I figured that I would update y'all.  My computer was taking forever to load all of the individual pictures, so I cried uncle and just did a link to a FB album.  Please forgive me.  It's a 3 bedroom/2 bath home with a HUGE back yard.  I mean, our back yard is the size of Ann Sather's Cinnamon Buns ... only bigger.  I have yet to take a decent picture of the front or back of the house, but it WILL happen, eventually.  Pinky promise.

Also, I'm currently obsessing over this necklace holder, and this chair (I have a throw pillow with similar fabric on the couch).  AND, I keep finding my favorite stationery on sale all over the area... this is not helping me or my budget.  We have a house to pay for, by golly!  Next on the home improvement list is painting the walls in the master bed/bath and my office.  When it gets warmer outside, I'll be updating the kitchen cabinetry and hardware.  Eventually, YB and I would like to update the counter tops in the kitchen, the showers in both bathrooms, as well as the flooring throughout the house.  Again, I must stick to my budget to make this happen. 

Ok, time to get back to work.  The longer I sit at the computer, the more I have to avoid online shopping.  That thar's some dangerous territory for me right now. 

Goodnight moon!