Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Yawp for help!

Anyone who can tell me what movie I am referencing gets a brownie point!

But, seriously, I need some help.  I have the serious itch to garden, and we have some beautifully mature trees in our front and back yards.  I only have one flower bed, in the front yard, that gets 5+ hours of sun, and it's over run by weeds and dead plants.  I need to know plants that can deal with this clay-like Alabama soil, like the shade, and will still bloom. 
I almost cried when I took the gardenia bushes back to Lowe's.
No, really.  I had to fight back tears.

So, can anyone help me?!?!

In other news, YB graduated with his Rocket Science degree Saturday.  The actual name is too complicated for me to think about right now.  Caffeine is in the blood stream, but hasn't made it to the brain yet.

My only brother graduates from High School this Friday.
I remember the day he was born...I am going to be a crying mess Friday night. 

Also, YB and I are trying to merge our cellphone plans. 

He's t-mobile, and we both like the Motorola Cliq Slide phone

I'm AT&T (So is his Mom, my parents and brother) and we would both love an iPhone.

I would put a picture here, but we all know what those look like :)

Happy Hump Day everyone!
More pictures to come soon!