Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hey y'all, 

Long time, no blog.  Sorry about that.  

First things first.  YB's 27th birthday was today (wed.).  Normally I would make a cake, but I've been working like crazy this week, so that obviously didn't happen.   Gigi's cupcakes happened; and, good lord, was that some UHmazing chocolate butter cream!!  The gym will come far too early in the morning.

We are finally completely moved in, completely out of the apartment, and 2/3s of our stuff is still in boxes...  not so happy about that.  One of my dearest friends, and one of my bridesmaids, and her hubby are about to move into a house a few miles away from us.  Kristi, I cannot WAIT for all of the shenanigans!

We're still crazy busy, and it's only about to get even more busy.  YB graduates with his Aerospace Engineering degree (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) this May, and my younger brother (Jesse) graduates High School the very next weekend!  Then, he's off to the Honors Engineering dept. at The University of Alabama!  RTR!

Wedding plans have begun to pick up a little bit more.  I think that we've decided on YB's home church (his only real request), and a date.  The reception site is my next decision to tackle.  Any suggestions?  Trying to keep it in the downtown Huntsville area, but we aren't vehemently opposed to other areas.  Still working on the wedding website.  I'll keep you posted. 

Another one of my bridesmaids just landed an AWESOME internship in L.A., aka: L.A.-la land, and I can't wait to hear all of the adventures!  Kylie, you're going to rock it out at the Tennis Channel!!

 Until now, I never realized just how much laundry two people can produce.  It's absolutely astounding.  I also didn't realize just how much crap we had accumulated over the last few years.  Spring cleaning will definitely happen this year, more than likely, along with a yard sale.    

Since we're first time home-owners, does anyone have an extra lawn mower, rake, yard stuff, etc. that you would be willing to let go of/give away/sell for dirt cheap?  We desperately need to clean up our back yard, but have none of that stuff.  I've been watching for sales, but it still slips my mind that we actually have to think about this stuff now.  We have quite the stand of Bradford Pear trees in our neighborhood, and it's driving my sinuses bonkers!  There was no way for us to know this, since we bought the house during the winter.  Hmmm... lessons to be learned for the next house.
However, we already have daffodils appearing in our flower beds and it makes me smile. <3

Stay tuned for more updates; hopefully, that will include pictures.

Goodnight, Moon.


  1. Receptions! Downtown-wise, the art museum is great for them! How big is the wedding going to be? IE do you need a big place or a small place? I know of all kinds of spots.

  2. the art museum will probably be too small. I really really really want the roundhouse, but the lack of air-conditioning really freaks me out. The cake will probably be buttercream, and there will be a LOT of dancing :/

    Big-ish, but preferably on the cheap-cheap. I would rather spend the money on killer food :)

  3. YB is looking forward to yard work. Nothing like the smell of fresh cut grass.

  4. There's not air conditioning at the round house? Surely there is; I've been to lots of things there and have never heard of that. I could have just missed it, though!
    And don't you love Gigi's? Any birthday would be complete with it!

  5. Hillary, you may very well be correct. I need to check on this...
    Also, not fond of Gigi's vanilla/vanilla combo, but I could eat vats of their chocolate buttercream. Dangerous!