Friday, April 23, 2010


Hey y'all!
This is a quick update, but a worth-while read!

As a Southern gal, I grew up having thank you notes at hand.
We write them for EVERYTHING!
I honestly met a lady once who kept them in her purse so that she could write the hostess for an event a thank you note before she left.

I'm not quite that devout, but I try to stay on top of them.

Now, then, I found a give away that would make any proper southern gal dizzy with excitement.  
My friends over at Dreamy Whites found a give-away at

Um, YUM!!  These note cards are so dreamy, that you will absolutely melt!!
My personal favorite is the "Sunny Botanical" personalized notes!

See?!  So sweet! 

Plus, my "E" would work before I'm married or after :)

Any-who, that's all for today.

Go write someone a thank you note today.
Trust me, it will make their day!

love love!

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